Walker Mowers

Baileys Rent-all is the exclusive dealer for EVERYTHING Walker in Anchorage. The front-mount, zero-turn Walker Mower is a true, year-round workhorse helping contractors, municipalities and homeowners stay productive in all seasons. With its compact size, low center of gravity, agility and variety of addons like the Dethatcher and Dozer Blade, the Walker is the ultimate machine for any season.

The Walker is fast and efficient, saving you time and money on the job.  From the very beginning, The Walker was designed to cut grass beautifully.  With a wide variety of attachments, the Walker can help in any season.

Addon attachments include Dethatcher, Spyker Spreader (fertilizer/Seed/Sand), Walker Boom Sprayer (Weed/Moss Treatment), Snowblower, Dozer Blade, Soft or Hard Cab.